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Jenna Banks is a business leader, speaker, host of The Jenna Banks Show video series and best-selling author.

Jenna’s work as a thought leader has been featured in a wide variety of media outlets that include: Forbes, ABC, NBC and Authority Magazine.

Her award-winning book titled “I Love Me More: How To Find Happiness and Success Through Self-Love” released March 8, 2022 on International Woman’s Day, hitting the Amazon best-seller charts within just the 3rd week of release.

I love me more book by Jenna Banks a self love guide on how to love yourself

A self love guide to why we should first love ourselves and how to go about it.

Most women have been conditioned to believe that self-love is selfish and that self-sacrifice is a virtue. Many focus their desire for love and wholeness outside themselves and onto others, such as their partners, only to feel disappointed when they don’t get back what they give. Does this ring true for you? With I Love Me More, entrepreneur, speaker, and single mom Jenna Banks crushes the myths about how we should relate to ourselves. She wants to help you stop freely giving all your power away and start understanding your worth.

Cover of the I love me more book by Jenna Banks a self love guide on how to love yourself
Jenna Banks author of self love book I love me more

Jenna uses highly relatable examples from her life story to convey important messages about how you can live a fuller, more rewarding life by embracing your own value and power. I Love Me More details valuable, empowering lessons, including:

• You must love yourself more than anyone else.
• It’s okay to say no.
• Don’t look for external approval. What you feel about yourself is what matters most.
• How you treat yourself is how you will be treated by others.
• Always trust your intuition, even when it makes no sense.
• Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have.
• A guide to why we should first love ourselves and how to go about it

Jenna’s down-to-earth, personable voice guides you through topics such as defining self-love, the ways we sabotage self-love, how to put yourself first, how to use self-love to be valued at work, how to balance caring for yourself and caring for others, and much more. Following Jenna’s lead, you’ll learn to embrace your inner warrior goddess!

Announcing “I Love Me More” as winner in Women’s Health category at the 2023 National Indie Excellence Awards!

NEIA is committed to celebrating the best of self and independent titles produced by a wide range of authors from around the globe. 

“I Love Me More” was given top honors in the  Women’s Health category. 

Announcing “I Love Me More” as a finalist winner in the 2022 Goody Business Book Awards for 100% social impact!

Each year the Goody Business Book Awards are presented to “Uplift Author Voices” with social impact and shine a light on authors making a difference with words.

“I Love Me More” was honored as a finalist in the Self-Help – Memoir category. 

Goody book award finalist self help memior

Book Reviews

“I Love Me More” is an Amazon best-seller (reached top 100 in the self-esteem category). Click here to read the detailed review by Bryone Peters for Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews & Awards. Below are reader reviews from Amazon:

Mary Ann L.

I Love Me More is the secret to being a better, more compassionate person. Jenna Banks shares her personal story and valuable life lessons in a well-written and easy-to-relate-to book that should be required reading for everyone—especially women. Ultimately, you are the only one who controls your happiness and this book empowers you to take control of your life and not give away your self-worth or your power.


This is probably the best book I ever read. The first few pages grabbed me so emotionally - as I struggle with severe anxiety and depression. After reading a few pages, I had to put the book down, because change is scary, and some of us delay as long as we can, for fear of failure. I picked up the book 2 months later, and read the whole thing at once. I am ready to change my life and prioritize self care, because if we do not take care of ourselves, we simply cannot take care of others.

Amazon Customer

Jenna Banks takes us through her journey and the obstacles that she had to overcome to focus her energy in a much more positive way by taking care of herself first and foremost. It’s so true that by loving yourself you can love others in a better way. I hope whoever reads her book can take some of her insight and advice and help themselves as well!

Jae Thomas

Life changing! This book opened my eyes to things I never considered that involved self-love. It was relatable and honest. It helped me to establish boundaries even though it was uncomfortable at first. Keeping it to refer back on.