Review of "I Love Me More" by Bryone Peters for Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews & Awards

“I Love Me More: How to Find Happiness and Success through Self-Love by Jenna Banks is a self-preservation guide that explains in layman’s terms the meaning of the turmoil from which most, if not all, women seem to suffer. The turmoil stems from burdens such as guilt and shame.

Usually, women are the ones who give too much at the expense of their happiness and self-preservation. Banks knows from first-hand experience what this is like. She provides practical guidance from the lessons she learned from her personal exposure. This moved her from a place of self-destruction to being a successful businessperson today.

She implores women to stop looking to external sources for praise and recognition and to start loving and respecting themselves first.

The book is filled with anecdotes about how to build confidence in yourself. There are tips on what to put in your journal to reflect on what counts. I can easily relate to the experiences and lessons that Jenna learned along the way from her poignant personal stories.

I loved the memory she shared that ended with her politely replying to the big boss that she was not interested in getting coffee for everyone. It was simply too late in the day for her to drink any!

I would recommend I Love Me More by Jenna Banks because of the engaging positive affirmations it contains. It will help me design unique statements for inhibiting self-limiting beliefs and learning to follow my inner (warrior) goddess instead.” 

– Bryone Peters